BZ at First Mic Club FeatureBrian Douglas stepped into the New York open mic scene in February of 2009 as a standup comic. A few months later that he made the switch over to music after crossing paths with Texas Bluesman, Charley Crockett, the man who first nicknamed him “Beezy”. Brian had messed around with guitar for nearly 20 years and had always written poetry, but they were private hobbies. After discovering the community of open mics in the city, Brian decided to give music a shot, and that was the end of his standup comedy career and the birth of Beezy Douglas.

Beezy spent most of 2009 attending open mics 4-5 nights a week, developing his vocal and instrumental style for several months before being offered his first featured gig. In 2011 he started performing on the subway platforms, taking up busking as a new form of rehearsal. In the five years since first stepping to the mic, Beezy has built up a reputation amongst musicians and producers across the city as a passionate and reliable performer.

Fans and fellow musicians have described Beezy’s performance as…

“Bluesy and heartfelt. When he does a cover its as if he lived it. Soulful.”

“Ballsy blues with an endearing edge. Music that makes you feel like you are old friends with every note.”

“A heart in a haystack in a boxcar.”

“Unpretentious blues-folk with a shot of whiskey and a hint of weed.”

“He gives 100% to whatever he is creating, whether it’s a group, an event, or a song.”

By day Beezy works as plain old Brian Douglas, a self-taught programmer and graphic designer with over fifteen years of experience in advertising, working for the Mad Men. He is married to Deb Zep, a video editor, songwriter and extraordinary vocalist he met by chance at an open mic, and together they are raising their two sons.